Thursday, November 19, 2009

13 Things I Remember About Going to Church When I Was a Child

1. My pastor was a huge man – an ex-boxer – he had huge hands and used his fists to bang on the pulpit, but he was also very gentle.

2. The walls of our Sunday School building were painted the most icky shade of baby blue and mint green and turquoise.

3. One year we ate some pomegranates and dates….I remember thinking how cool it was to get to eat Jesus food

4. We never went to Sunday night or Wednesday night services….I’m not sure why.

5. When I was 9 I played the angel in the Christmas presentation. I got to stand up on covered boxes way above everyone else.

6. I could never figure out why kids who behaved at school acted like little wildcats when they were at church.

7. I never had the camaraderie of a youth group….I’m glad my children experienced that.

8. My church was extremely plain and basic. Frosted roll out window and no padding on the pews.

9. When I was baptized I remember being momentarily aghast….I didn’t realize the preacher would have on waders!

10. We sang songs like Deep and Wide

11. Crafts during Sunday School and Vacation Bible School were made with white glue and popsicle sticks

12. The church library was very small but always had interesting books I couldn’t get at my public school. They lady that ran our library was also the librarian at the local high school.

13. My favorite part of Sunday morning service was the singing. I was always a bit disappointed when the pastor stood up to preach.

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