Sunday, December 31, 2006

Top Religion Stories of 2006

Religion Today is part of the news section of and they have recently linked to what they think is their top news stories of 2006. These are all stories that have appeared as Religion Today articles. The whole list can be seen here or these individual links can be used:

1. Navy chaplain’s fight to pray in Jesus’ name

2. Darfur conflict ongoing; some Christian ministries leaving

3. Christian movies keep coming (End of the Spear, The Nativity, Facing the Giants (and it’s PG rating))

4. Christians on the forefront of aid during and after Israeli/Lebanese conflict

5. Gnosticism Returns (Gospel of Judas/Da Vinci Code film near-simultaneous release)

6. Muslims offended by Danish cartoons, Pope’s speech
(See Also: Pope Apologizes for Speech)

7. Breaks in the Episcopal Church….see ECUSA/Bishop Jefferts-Schori fallout
(See Also: ECUSA to Lose Its Largest Congregation

8. Rick Warren in the middle of divisive issues (global warming, AIDS, Syria, Obama)

9. Ted Haggard steps down from pastorate and NAE
(See Also: Haggard Scandal, Confession Shakes Evangelical Community)

10. Amish response to Pennsylvania schoolhouse shooting

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