Wednesday, September 19, 2007

First Kings or The Third Book of Kingdoms

1. The Hebrew title of this book is Melkim or Kings.

2. First Kings recounts how Israel was divided into two kingdoms.

3. The Northern Kingdom---Israel became idolatrous while the Southern Kingdom---Judah waivered between good and evil.

4. First Kings helped the Israelite community while they were in captivity. It helped them to understand the why behind the exile if Solomon’s reign had been so great.

5. First Kings explains how the Assyrians captured the Northern Kingdom and how the Babylonians captured the Southern Kingdom.

6. First Kings also gives us a rundown regarding various kings in each kingdom. Did they do well or did they fail?

7. The main theme of First Kings is to prove history moves forwarding according to God’s plan over the span of 120 years the narrative covers.

8. The message is clear…..God’s people should have one God and one temple.

9. When you read First Kings notice how the author was interested in chronological data and notice how the information is cross-referenced between the North and South Kingdoms. Though God’s people were divided they were still both God’s children.

10. Most of the information is given in the following format: “in the year of ____ son of ______, ______ became king over Judah (or Israel); he reigned ____years”.

11. Events in First Kings cover the time period from 970-848 B.C.

12. Everything that occurs in First Kings happened in either Judah or Israel with the exception of Elijah’s travels outside the land.

13. The book has three sections: Solomon and his reign (chapters 1-11); the early period of the divided monarchy (chapters 12-16); and Elijah and the events surrounding his ministry (chapters 17-22).

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Chelle Y. said...

Cool! I just went through a class, "God's Great Drama" for the Old Testament, and we studied this. Now, we're in the New Testament (the Gospels). It's so interesting to see the Bible come alive!

ellen b said...

The Bible is a treasure for sure...

Sandee (Comedy +) said...

Great job as usual. Have a blessed TT. :)

Lori said...

Great info...thanks for sharing:) Happy TT.

Barbara said...

A very neat Thursday Thirteen. You did a great job

Joyful Days said...

I am blessed and impressed!! That was an uplifting TT.

Bloggers said...

Awesome 13.

mine is up on

Wolfie said...


wow...tat's a very great intro to 1st Kings...thanks for sharing...

DustyTrails said...

I have studied Hebrew for six years using Strong's Concordance e-sword.

I noticed the very oldest words used "a's" as the vowels .. they were the oldest.

For King it is Malak, to rein. Melek or King came later.

When the H'Olam or Universe came into being .. Adoni was Reining. Everything else came after that.

Get "Zola's Introduction to Hebrew" and see what happens. The Barukh Sheamar is in there from Moshe .. Blessed is he who spoke and came into being the Universe, Blessed is He.

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