Tuesday, May 5, 2009

A Power Struggle

I keep a page on Word where I keep ideas to post about here. A few things have lived on the page absolutely forever. I decided to rescue one of the languishing bits today and publish it for all to see….

Our expectations collide with God’s character.

I’m not sure where I found this quotation, but I thought it was interesting enough to hang onto it.

These five words say a lot…..sometimes what WE want doesn’t mesh with God’s plan.

We want stuff.

We want people.

We want recognition.

We want…we want…

What we want is CONTROL.

In all of the discussions I have with folks who advise that they have no time for religion, proclaim that Jesus was just a man, and that God doesn’t exist the discussion always manages to arrive back at one point. If they admit God exists it would result in them having to admit He is in control, and we aren’t.

The gulf between those people and myself seems so wide, yet that one word…control…separates us. They think they have control of their lives, and can’t fathom not being in charge. I know a higher power has control of my life, and can’t fathom the power God welds let alone want to have it.

He is in control.

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