Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Thursday Thirteen: Verse Four

13 Biblical Baby Names I like........

1. Adam-----the name of one of my son's best friends. He's currently serving in the Army and thankfully he's in Germany.

2. Seth------Adam's brother. He's currently in the infantry in Iraq.

3. Elijah-----Interesting prophet and I knew a great kid by that name at one time.

4. Anna----a beautiful girl's name

5. Mordecai----I've never known one, but what an interesting name.

6. Luke----A favorite name from the Bible and assorted Westerns....and don't forget Star Wars!
7. Ruth----A wonderful story from the Bible and my aunt's name.

8. Rachel----A beautiful name....I liked it so much I gave it to my daughter.

9. Matthew----A wonderful story of God's love even after denial. I liked this name so much I gave it to my son.

10. Japeth----I've never known one, but it's a cool name.

11. Terah-----A nice twist to Tara.

12. Faith-----Come on, it's a Bible blog. I have to have "Faith", don't I?

13. Priscilla----I always wanted to change my name to this when I was younger. Then my nickname could be 'Cilla.


Carol said...

I love Biblical names. My son is Joseph. My first name is Mary. My mother is Ruth... wonderful names. :-)

Scarlett said...

Hello. I'm an Italian girl, I apologize for my bad English. I have a relationship a bit 'off with faith, I think because of a death that affected me deeply.
Among the names that has I love Faith and Rachel. Another very nice biblical name is Sarah, wife of Abraham, a name that certainly I will give to my daughter. If you want to switch from my new blog I'd be very happy.
Affectionate greetings.
Good luck to you and your church.

Chin-Lee Chan said...

Hi Elementary Historyteacher,

How about the biblical name Jehovah or Yahweh?

Is it a first name or a title like Pharaoh?

Looking forward to your opinion.


In Christ and in the Holy Spirit,

Mr. Chin-Lee Chan

DustyTrails said...

Hebrew twists on names .. H is spiritual from what I can see.

#11 Tara and Tarah .. in Hebrew .. now follow this .. "B" is a prefix meaning "in" and "B" along with other letters has a silent hitchhiker "h" .. say B real slow .. hear the H?

So, in Hebrew when you say "B" it can mean just "in" or "in the".

My last name exploded on me about two years into Hebrew, Berentz
"B" .. in the; "eretz" .. field, valley, earth; Gen 49 - ntz .. grape blossom - Judah.

Extrapolate .. Berentz - in the Jordan Valley (Judah) raising wheat.

Bar - Barites tribe of Asher Gen 49; Bar - Chaldee son; BRT covenant people.

I'm sure some of my German kin would "roll over Beethoven" if they understood what I just said. All of Europe came from Parthia and is Hebrew/Israeli. After the death of Jesus all of Parthia, as a Nation, became Christian.

Jews today are numbered in the millions. The ten northern tribes today, Israel, the other stick mostly the Handmaiden's Children .. you number in the Billions. Ref- "Where are the tribes today - Steven M. Collins dot com. for book series $80 mind blowing and very well documented.

Read all the uses of the term "veiled" in the new testament and then figure out just who was veiled and how "that" has panned out.

Now, when you read Eze and Rev and it talks about Israel being attacked, the term Israel means all of Europe, England and the USA and jerUSAlem.

Take a bath and get rid of Greco Roman History. God Spoke it and it has come true .. I will make nations of you and your seed shall be like the sands of the sea .. wet and they stick together unlike dry sand.

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