Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Seven Carnival You Might Find Interesting

Min the Gap is the homepage for Standing in the Gap Carnival, however, the host rotates to other blogs. The tagwords for this carnival are culture, society, and of course, gap standing.

A Religious Wave recently went to a monthly posting format. Information regarding this carnival can be found at Only Three Notes.

The tag words for A Different Prayer are prayer, faith, hope, inspiration, God, Jesus, and miracle. A Different Prayer carnival information can be found at JoySoriano.Com.

The Carnival of Christian Advice is hosted at Ask Andrea. Information regarding the latest carnival can be found at this page.

I am a Christian Parent is a carnival that describes itself as featuring topics that are important to Christian parents. Teaching children the Bible and imparting Biblical principles into our children’s lives is the focus. It looks like this is a fairly new carnival. The carnival homepage is HERE.

The homepage for the Biblical Studies Carnival can be found HERE, and the homepage for the Christian Carnival can be found HERE,

Do you know of any other ongoing carnivals for Christian writers?


amo said...

Thanks for the list of carnivals! I hadn't heard of most of these.

Ask Andrea said...

Thank you for mentioning the Carnival of Christian Advice! We have a new edition up today if you're interested.

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