Friday, August 31, 2007

Seven Things Concerning a Small, Rural Church I'm Thankful For

My mother's great grandfather gave the land for her family's home church. Today the small church is located way back in the woods down a dirt road. The small group of church members meet once a month for preaching.

Although no member of my family attends the church now many of us visit occaisionally. The building is basically a sanctuary. There are no Sunday School rooms, and the outhouse behind the church serves as the men's and women's restroom.

Many members of my family are buried in the graveyard. If we visit during the week when church is not in session its a very quiet and scary place, but on a Sunday when the members meet and the circuit pastor is visiting it is like being transported back in time.

So, here are seven things I'm thankful for concerning my family's home church:

1. Small country churches with hard wooden pews especially if you find a funeral home fan with Jesus on the front to keep you cool.

2. Great old hymns like I Surrender All or How Great Thou Art.

3. Dinner on the ground following the church service.

4. The older women in the congregation who are so willing to give solicited and unsolicited advice. :)

5. Sitting outside while the service is going on and listening to the singing while the leaves whistle through the trees. You can’t help but feel the Lord’s presence.

6. Knowing that several generations of your family lie in the cemetary, and you can visit them often ;

7. The old fashion sign hanging behind the pastor that provides the Sunday School report. I’ve always wanted to be the one to change the numbers each week.

Give thanks each week...join Sunday Seven.

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Joan said...

I love small country churches too! I have been part of a number of them in the past. Memories are made of things like this. I can't help but wonder if I know this church -- I'm in GA too.

Joan said...

BTW, Elisheva, if you don't already check my brother's blog,,go by and check it -- he has a couple of great posts in the last week or so about rural GA.

Lazy Daisy said...

My husband grew up in such a church in Lexington, Va. We visit once a year and I can certainly identify with all seven of your observations. Blessings this week dear friend.

Melli said...

We have a church just like this right down the street (and around the corner and down another street) from us! It's sO cute! I've photographed it several times. I love that little church - even though I have NO family connection! I would imagine the family connection REALLY makes it special!

Joy said...

I've always lived in the city so I've never been part of such a church. Love reading bout them though and often wondered how it would be like.

elisheva said...

Joan, the church I'm referring to is called Mt. Carmel Baptist. It's close to the intersection of Ga 108 and Highway 20 heading out of Canton towards Cartersville. My mother's family used to have a large place out there they farmed. Today some of it is covered by Lake Allatoona.

Also I'm real family with your brother's blog. His posts are included in the Georgia Carnival often.

Thanks for visiting everyone.

lori said...

Hey there,
I think I may know where that church is...we are very close to cartersville!!
how nice to meet you!!
wonderful list! It's like a trip into the past!
It's nice to meet you!

Oldqueen44 said...

What a great post. If you have the opportunity it would be wonderful to see a picture.

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