Sunday, February 24, 2008

I'm E for Excellent!

Many thanks to E-Mom over at Chrysalis for including me in her list of 10 bloggers who have blessed, inspired, and encouraged her. Got Bible? is so much more low key than my primary site, History Is Elementary, so I appreciate each and every visitor, regular reader, and comments that are left behind.

Thanks E-Mom.

Make sure you visit her site to see the other nine sites E-Mom advises are excellent. I’m sure you will find nine “keepers” plus E-Mom’s site as well for a well rounded group of ten.

In the E for Excellent tradition I am now supposed to bestow the E For Excellent award on 10 blogs I find meet those requirements. As some of you may now I visit a wide range of sites across my three main blogs including history blogs, religious blogs, education blogs, and blogs authored by folks from Georgia. I have several to look through.

Perhaps my list of ten would make a good 13 post…..10 plus three bonuses. Hmmmmmm....

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