Thursday, January 11, 2007

Thursday Thirteen 1: 13 +1 Bible Milestones

Thirteen Plus One Bible Milestones

1. 1250 B.C. Possible earliest date for writings from the Torah or Pentateuch

2. 250-150 B.C. Translation of all Hebrew manuscripts into Greek Septuagint (LXX); Alexandrian (Greek) Canon established; 46 books in Old Testament

3. A.D. 100 (Council of Jamnia): Hebrew (Palestinian Canon) established: 39 books in the Old Testament

4. A.D. 394 Saint Jerome translates and compiles first complete Bible in Latin with 72 books total, based on Septuagint Version

5. A.D. 995 First Angelo-Saxon translation of New Testament

6. A.D. 1384 Wycliffe Bible writtin in English

7. A.D. 1450 Gutenberg invents printing press with movable type; Mazarin Bible is the earliest book printed from movable type (1455)

8. A.D. 1522 Martin Luther translates Bible form Latin into German and adopts the shorter and younger (Hebrew) Canon of the Old Testament (39 Books).

9. A.D. 1525 Tyndale’s English translation of New Testament

10. A.D. 1535 Coverdale’s English translation of entire Bible

11. A.D. 1609 Douay-Rheims---first complete English translation of Catholic Bible

12. A.D. 1885 KJV officially removes Apocrypha

13. A.D. 1973 New International Version is written
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