Thursday, January 18, 2007

Thursday Thirteen 2: Various English Bible Versions

Here are 13 English Bible versions and their recognized abbreviations.

1. New Life Version (NLV)

2. Tyndale (Tyn)

3. Wesley's New Testament (WNT)

4. Wycliffe (Wyc)

5. The Original New Testament (ONT)

6. The Simple English Bible (SEB)

7. The Message (TM)

8. Postmodern Bible--Amos (PMB)

9. New American Bible (NAB)

10. Good News Bible (GNB)

11. The Literal Translation of the Holy Bible (LITV)

12. The Complete Bible: An American Translation (AAT)

13. Complete Jewish Bible (CJB)

Believe it not there is at leave four time as many others!


my 2 cents said...

An interesting list. I think my Bibles are both NKJ verison.

amy said...

Im not sure which I prefer, but i did not know there were that many

Caylynn said...

Interesting! I knew there were many different versions, but not that there were quite that many. I'm not sure what version I have, only that it's a Catholic bible that belonged to my grandmother.

Happy T13.

elisheva said...

Thanks for visiting. Can you believe it? The resource I used for this week's list indicates there are at least 75 different English versions. Wow!

Susan Helene Gottfried said...

Hey, thanks for visiting West of Mars; I've been meaning to tell you that your name is gorgeous (and my daughter's Hebrew name).

Not sure which versions we have. The kind that have Hebrew and English, I suppose...

Happy TT!

ChupieandJ'smama said...

You got me too. I didn't know their were that many versions either. See, we all learned something today. Thanks!

Sueann said...

Wonderful List! Thank you! I am so happy someone took my list seriously and is checking for signs of skin cancer! It can be deadly! Use Sun Screen everyday! If you see a mole that has changed in color, size or texture, please runnn to a Dermatologist!

she said...

I had no idea there were so many different versions of the Christian bible.

kristarella said...

You missed my favourites! NIV and ESV.

I don't count The Message as a bible. It's a paraphrase of the bible, attributed as being written by one guy, therefore it's one man's opinion on what the bible means. By changing words and sentences into simpler ones he could be changing the meaning and I think for several passages he has. Still, I've no doubt that it can be a helpful resource but I feel it should be accompanied by a bible that's been translated into English from the original texts.

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