Tuesday, January 2, 2007

The Word Bible Comes From....

Can you find the word "Bible" in the scriptures? I can't. You can't either. It's not there.
The origin of the word is found in the Greek language. The word "biblos" stood for a plant the Greeks used to make scrolls.
In ancient Phoenicia a city named "Byblos" was known for its major industry---the manufacture and trade in writing materials.
Many trace the actual use of the word "Bible" from the plural Greek word "biblia" meaning "scrolls or little books."
If we were to interview any of the authors or compilers of the Bible they wouldn't know what we were talking about. They would recognize the following titles: The Scriptures, The Holy Scriptures, The Word, The Word of Truth, The Law and the Prophets, and The Old and New Testaments."



Wow! such a nice place.
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KWiz said...

Very nice. Actually, it's important for people to understand that Jews would not refer to the Old Testament as such. They would refer to it as the Tanakh or the Hebrew Bible or the Hebrew Scriptures. Old Testament is a Christian term that not even New Testament writers used. The only "Bible" New Testament writers had available to them was the Law and the Prophets, or the Torah and the Nevi'im. The Writings (Ketuvim) was not yet canonized. These designations are important to understand, especially when we're talking with people of different faith traditions.

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