Sunday, March 25, 2007

Random Thanks...for Sunday Seven 2

Thank you Lord for my family. They put up with my procrastination, disorganization, and quirkiness. It cannot be easy to live with me.

Thank you especially for my husband….my best friend. The one person who knows my secrets, my shame, my lows, as well as my highs….my perfect forgiving friend.

Thank you Lord for my home. Yes, it needs my loving touch. Things need to be put in their place. Dust needs to wiped from the counters, tables, and window ledges, but it is our home. Such as it is it is my sanctuary…my refuge from the world….a place of comfort and safety….of loving arms, acceptance, and understanding.

Thank you Lord for my vehicle. Lord, I know, I know. It was so junky and trashy my child finally gave up and cleaned it out for me. Why would I deserve that dream car of mine when I don’t take care of the one I have been provided? I will try to do better. Really….

Thank you Lord for my memories. They are very hard to deal with times. They haunt me, they make me cry and laugh, but they are mine and make me who I am.

Thank you Lord for the scenery that greets me each day. The beautiful sky, the green grass, the sounds of the birds and insects buzzing about…even the mosquitos, Lord. :)

Thank you Lord for your beautiful word. Everytime I read it I’m amazed at the new things I discover and the new connections that can be made.

Finally, Lord….thank you for the opportunity Sunday Seven has brought me so that I can take the time to give thanks.

1 comment:

Melanie said...

What a beautiful list. I really enjoyed your Sunday Seven. Great job!

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