Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Wordless: Verse 36

The title of this painting is The Flood. The artist is Johann Henrich Schonfeld who lived between 1609 and 1684. He was a German who painted during the Baroque period.

The Biblical passage this image is linked to is Genesis 7.

You can find out more about Schonfeld in this Time Magazine article.

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marcia said...

Yes a very harrowing day for those who were warned and did not heeds

Regina said...

Very interesting picture! Hindsight didn't help them!
Very interesting blog you have!

Eve said...

Beautiful picture. Thanks for sharing.

Destined2bd1 said...

Ran across your blog and thought I'd leave a comment, just to say hello, and keep up the good work! (smile)

elementary historyteacher said...

Thanks for visiting everyone. I thought the painting was very interesting. The style is so different from other works I've posted here.

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