Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Wordless: Verse 47

This image depicts the 70 disciples....Luke 10: 1-24 relates the events surrounding the 70 men sent out by Jesus to spread the word. Western Christianity refers to the men as disciples while Eastern Christianity uses the term apostles. The 70 are only referred to in the Gospel of Luke, however Jesus is seen sending out others…..Luke 9: 1-6 explains Jesus sent out the 12 disciples with similar directions as given to the 70. The directions are paralleled with Matthew 9: 35, Matthew 10: 1, and Matthew 10: 7-11.

So, who were the 70? The Bible doesn’t tell us, but in the third century the bishop Dorotheus of Tyre related the names in what is described as the lost Gospel of the Seventy. Other historians, including Hippolytus published lists naming the 70, but they are not scriptual.

The latest Christian Carnival can be found found here. Save the link for some great reading!

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Sarah C. said...

Interesting post! I've heard and said both "disciples" and "apostles" throughout my life. But I have never given much thought about the 70. Definitely on my mind today. Thanks for sharing this! :) Happy WW!

catsynth said...

Interesting. Never heard of this "group of 70."

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