Monday, May 12, 2008

Monday Music: Remembering Dottie Rambo

Okay, I’m admit it. My main foray into gospel music was at the hands of my mother’s relatives who seemed to always have gospel music on the radio when I was a little girl, and occaisionally my father would have gospel performers on the television. I remember lots of big hair, big ladies with big voices, and sparkly outfits. The gospel section isn’t where I immediately head today, but when I take the time to listen I do enjoy it.

Ms. Rambo was killed over the weekend in an accident on the way to a concert date.

I went to find Dottie Rambo's official website today and low and behold it had already been taken down….how sad, but as of a few minutes ago a Myspace page is still up dedicated to her where you can hear more of her music.

You can find out more about her here and enjoy the video below where she tells the story behind and sings Sheltered in the Arms of God.

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