Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Wordless: Verse 45

The image for this week was snagged from a fantastic article I found over at Biblical Archaeology regarding Nebi Samwil. Many archaeologist and Biblical scholars believe that Nebi Samwil and Mizpah are the same.

Not familiar with Mizpah? Mizpah is the location where the Bible explains how Samuel proclaimed the first king of Israel….see 1 Samuel 10: 17-24. Here are the first few verses:

Samuel summoned the people to the LORD at Mizpah and said to the Israelites, “This is what the LORD, the God of Israel, says: ‘I brought Israel out of Egypt, and I rescued you from the power of the Egyptians and all the kingdoms that were oppressing you.’ But today you have rejected your God, who saves you from all your troubles and afflicitions. You said to Him, ‘You must set a king over us.’ Now therefore present yourselves before the LORD by your tribes and clans.”…..the verses continue at the above link…

Nebi Samwil is actually Arabic and does translate to mean “Prophet Samuel”. Hmmmm….

When you have the time head on over to the article which traces more than just the one historical event I mention above.

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Di said...

I'm so facinated with archaeology and what they uncover that prooves what is written in the bible. I'm facinated with what they find, I love archaeology, but I love what it confirms also.

Great Pic !

Marsha said...

How interesting. Thanks for the background. I agree with Di about finding confirmation from the past. I've always held that science and religion will ultimately prove each other out. Science, technology and learning are not the enemy of faith.

I hope you get a chance to check out my WW post for today!

Just Some Thoughts

Tracy P. said...

Ooh, I was just checking out some WWs and pleasantly surprised to find your post. Been looking for some food for thought similar to this.

Happy WW!

The Journey

Gypsy at heart said...

Enjoyed your post....I will want to return...interesting

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