Thursday, July 19, 2007

13 Things About the Book of Exodus

1. There are 40 chapters.

2. Moses is the accepted author.

3. Exodus presents the story to show how Israel became a nation.

4. One purpose of Exodus was to show the Lord as redeemer as seen by the Hebrews when they were delivered from slavery.

5. The second purpose of the second book of the Bible regards law. Laws were established for the Lord’s redeemed people to live by.

6. The first extensive poetry in the Bible, Israel’s Song, is found in chapter 15.

7. The themes of Exodus are the Lord, plagues, redemption, convenant, Ten Commandments, and the tabernacle.

8. Jesus is symbolized in the Passover story (12:13).

9. The events of Genesis were written down to provide a history for the young nation.

10. The only account of the actual exodus of the Hebrew people is in the Bible. There are no references to it in any other work nor is there archeological evidence to date.

11. Some Egyptian sources do confirm the general situation that occurs at the end of Genesis and the beginning of Exodus.

12. These Egyptian sources tell of the Habiru, a nomadic people that entered the Pharoh’s land due to famine.

13. Extrabiblical literature does confirm the Egyptians used slave labor for their extensive building projects (1:11).

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ancsweetnsassygal said...

Very interesting TT. I didn't realize there was no other supporting references to it since there is so much of the Bible that is supported in other ancient texts. Happy Thursday!

Sjmach said...

Cool facts.

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