Sunday, July 15, 2007

Sunday Seven: Verse 5

Well….a family wedding kept me from posting my seven yesterday, but I’m determined to keep it up….so even though it’s late here goes:

1. We have had lots of rain this week on and off. I’m not really fond of rain but considering we had none in June I won’t complain.

2. Last week I said I was thankful because my pastor had left the church. I’m even more thankful now that our minister of education sent out a letter explaining everything that had happened to cause him to resign. I think we are better off now that I have read the letter. Apparently the staff has been in a real turmoil for months.

3. I wan’t feeling too well this morning. I was elated to get to church and discover it was our department’s breakfast Sunday. Instead of splitting up into our classrooms our department meets together in the fellowship hall and everyone brings something to contribute to a potluck breakfast. I needed something to eat when I arrived at church so discovering I had breakfast waiting on me was a nice treat.

4. I’m thankful I was able to purchase some nice things for my husband’s birthday on the 11th. He received a nice Polo shirt, two history videos, two ties (extra-long because he’s soooo tall), and I will be paying for golf lessons and golf in October at Chateau Elan. He’ll pay for room and meals……I guess I’ll just have to give in and visit the spa while he’s golfing….

5. I’m thankful for my children. They are lovely people who do me proud in public….privately….well, that’s another story. They are an average for a boy who is 22 and a girl who is 14. They eat me out of house and home and leave their belongings all over the house. I was not too sad when the older one returned to his college campus tonight, but he’ll be back on Thursday until August 21st. My quiet summer is evaporating.

6. I’m thankful for my sister. While we are very different people physically and in many of our actions we can’t help but understand each other since we grew up in the same house. Sometimes we know what each other is thinking without saying a word.

7. I’m thankful I have been given the opportunity to visit the gym. I hope I can make it tomorrow, Wednesday, and Friday.

I look forward to the week, I hope you are as well.

If you would like to join Sunday Seven you can find the directions HERE.


Joan said...

I enjoy reading blogposts like this -- ones in which the writer analyzes aspects of life and evaluates them. This was uplifting. BTW -- sorry about your enforced visit to the spa at Chateau Elan! I haven't been there (to CE)for several years though my daughter's family lives near there.

Jane said...

My heart goes out to you for your 'forced' spa visit. I feel your pain!!!
Thanks for dropping by my Sunday Seven. My husband especially enjoyed your comment. He even read it OUT LOUD to me to make sure I heard it!!!
Have a wonderful, blessed week.

elisheva said...

Yes, I'm really going to have to steel myself for that visit to Chateau Elan. I'll muddle through somehow.

Thanks for visiting ladies.

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