Saturday, July 21, 2007

Sunday Seven: Verse 6

This week I'm focusing on the concept of time as I give thanks....

It's been another great week…..This week I’m thankful in random order for:

1. Time alone with my husband. It’s always nice to get away for dinner and a concert.

2. Time alone in my home….my children have had a busier social life than normal this week.

3. Time to study and reflect on God’s word.

4. Time to spend with extended family….packing everything up and visiting my in-laws to fix dinner for them at their house.

5. Time to shop and lunch with my daughter one day and by myself the next.

6. Time to work on a major writing project I’m trying to accomplish.

7. Time to straighten my home and complete laundry...gee, you skip one day and it suddenly mounts up.

If you would like to post your own Sunday Seven list you can join in HERE.

If you need more weekend reading check out the Georgia Carnival at Georgia On My Mind. The posts cover much more than just Peach State topics.


Mayogi said...

You seem to have had a great week! Time has been really busy for me this week and I've hardly had any time for myself. But in spite of that, I've had a wonderful week. Take a look at my Sunday Seven and you'll see. *lol*

I, too, have lots of laundry to catch up on. Isn't it strange how it piles up? Hopefully I'll get to that tomorrow.

God bless!

Melli said...

Oh yea! Try skippin' a whole WEEK! Oy! I'm in towels up to my eyeballs! LOL! Time is a great commodity - and a great BLESSING as well! Great list!

Lazy Daisy said...

What a wonderful look at time. Sounds like your time was spent productively and reflectively. God is good all the time!

G.P. said...

gp in montana

DustyTrails said...

Time, one of the dark one's favorite tools.

Also, one of Adoni's most elusive creations.

Last Fall I managed to break out of my rut caring for my wife. I had no time for my self. It was killing me.

The cure, a new set of Mizuno golf clubs with fiber glass shafts and time spent on a new golf course near by that never seems to be too crowded.

I had to change my attitude about time. I had to sit back and analyze my time. And what I found out was 1. my farm was getting its time, 2. my wife's care was getting its time, 3. I had no time. So, I went and got some.

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